ELY STORE owners

Ely store owners are essential to protecting us when our canoe visitors arrive.  It's important that canoe visitors be able to "purchase masks" easily at stores, helping our city be one of the best in America protecting itself.
Store owners will be provided free (paper) masks and any free (cloth) masks from Ely seamstresses who love volunteering for free, a blessing.
For sewing experts who need income, stores will be asked to buy/sell the (cloth, sewn) masks for $7.50 - re-selling the masks as a civic duty without markup.   This duty is to create jobs for Ely citizens, protect Ely, and avoid the pandemic as best possible as canoe visitors arrive.
ELYmasks.ORG (non-profit, no markup) is helping with free masks/kits/gloves for stores, donated fabric/supplies for sewing experts, and "how to" videos.
Stores may provide the "made in Ely" masks, with little logistical overhead.  And will have the authority (to reject) "mask/artisan" quality.
Any store who wants to offer "made in Ely" masks, please text/call (218)-235-0525, or email:  info@ELYmasks.ORG