Helping our sewing experts

Ely citizens making the "Wintergreen" (sewn) masks have provided thousands of high-quality (washable, reusable) homemade masks, nearly all for free - a symbol of Ely kindness, and a truly consecrated civic effort.
It helps when Ely citizens support these sewing experts by supplying fabric, cutting the fabric into 8"x10" pieces, or making the pre-cut 39" tie-strings.  These main components facilitate sewing the masks, saving our precious sewing experts time.
Any volunteer citizens who want to donate fabric or time (cutting) - please text/call (218)-235-0525.  Let's help supply the "kits" of pre-cut fabric and tie-strings for the sewing experts. is committed to supporting these folks most of all.
Any sewing expert who needs fabric or kits supplied, please contact us at (218)-235-0525.  Since the (washable/reusable) Wintergreen masks are the best homemade masks, supporting the sewing experts is crucial.
As well, any sewing expert who needs income or prefers "selling" masks at local Ely stores ($7.50) - please contact us.
To view a video (or read) how to make the "Wintergreen mask",
please CLICK: sewing video