$/Jobs for Ely Citizens

Buying a mask locally-made is a lovely way to support jobs in Ely.  It creates masks for our canoe visitors, protects us, and provides jobs with masks made in Ely 
"The (paper) ELY MASK"
The blue shop towel "paper" Ely mask is for VOLUNTEERS to assemble, to help protect our lovely city.   Right now, depending on how fast you work (and your quality), we are paying $2/mask to kickstart the supply (paper masks will be free at stores) - please text/call us at (218)-235-0525, for a kit.  This kickstart work is designed for citizens to make $100-$150/day.   If you think you can make consistent quality masks, please text/call (218)-235-0525. 
 "The (cloth) SEWING MASK"
As sewing and cloth are required, the $7.50 "cloth mask" is designed to help Ely citizens who sew make $150-$200/day.  Wintergreen is already doing a spectacular civic duty here, and we hope to facilitate sewing folks getting their masks in stores, enough to supply the (soon) wave of canoe visitors.
As well, ELYmasks.org is hoping to donate fabric for this wonderful Ely "sewing" ecosystem.  Please text/call (218)-235-0525 to connect with us, either for jobs, or to receive donated fabric.