# hashtags

# HASHTAGS - to find

First of all, if you don't understand hashtags, just call/text us instead, (218)-235-0525.  We'll help you (artisans & stores) find each other.  Also, it's OK to simply "know each other" locally in person, and informally supply masks.
FACEBOOK - # is the hashtag symbol, for keywords.  FOUR # keywords are required (see below).   CHOOSE your 4 keywords, and ADD any "optional" info (see below) - then POST about you and SEARCH for them.
POST (your #'s) so they "find" you.
SEARCH (their #'s) to "find" them.  
STORES → artisans - to BUY masks
ARTISANS → stores - to SELL masks
STORES:  (use #BUY)
  POST your #'s / info on Facebook.
  SEARCH (#'s) to BUY masks.
  POST your #'s / info on Facebook.
  SEARCH (#'s) to SELL masks.


#ELY  (choose ANY city name)
#MN  (choose ANY state name)
#BUY   or   #SELL   (choose ONE)



NAME - artisan or business name
ADDRESS - stores only (helpful)
MASK PHOTO - artisans only
$ RETAIL (price) - artisan only 
QUANTITY - offer'd or needed