Our dream is to save Ely - no virus.
We help stores, hospitals, police, and citizens protect themselves by providing free masks, free rubber gloves, free PPE equipment (hospitals).  Our website is a non-profit network to help Ely citizens protect friends and family.
With the BWCA canoe visitors coming, we believe greatly increasing "masks available" in local Ely stores will save lives.  For that, we invented an "Ely mask", to protect Ely citizens making homemade (blue shop towel) paper masks.
We also encourage/help sewing experts to "sell" cloth masks at local stores for $7.50, and benefit from their altruistic work to date - so we may sustain protecting Ely during the canoe/visitor months.
Ely has a spectacular ecosystem of (mostly free/volunteer) cloth masks which spontaneously grew with Wintergreen's beautiful vision.  We are donating fabric and making kits for both (paper and cloth) masks.  We enthusiastically encourage people to still donate free masks to stores and friends, and where the supply isn't enough for our canoe visitors, we support selling locally "made in Ely" masks, so anyone may find a mask easily/quickly if an outbreak occurs.
A box of "blue shop towel" Ely masks.
 ELYmasks.ORG is created by local software engineer "Levi" or "Jelly" (Carl Levinson), who lives on a lake near Ely, and loves Ely dearly.