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True citizenship - Ely

Ely has magically created over 2500 free masks for its neighbors, a beautiful citizen network. 

Now we're creating "jobs" - with a broader array of masks in local stores, in time for the wave of canoe visitors.

A patriotic way to support Ely citizens working at home - making homemade masks.

Nationwide, masks are sold-out.  This summer let's encourage visitor/safety, with "made in Ely" homemade masks.

Our canoe visitors.

To protect us when our canoe visitors arrive, here's an ecosystem where local stores may offer "homemade Ely masks".  And help our citizens earn $/work.

In addition to our fantastic mindset of "free masks", Ely citizens and visitors alike may help "create Ely jobs", by purchasing "made in Ely" masks.  Stores will be asked to offer them without markup as a civic duty.

Require masks in public if an outbreak occurs.

Masks will be sealed in ziploc bags, and signed by the "homemade artisan". Stores choose their artisans according to their craftsmanship, and may set quality requirements.


ELYmask.org will supply free rubber gloves, free masks, and free kits to make 100 "paper" Ely masks - available at stores on the MAP.


We will also knock ourselves out to help the most critical folks of all - the sewing experts making "cloth" Wintergreen masks.   This includes donating fabric, paracord, and elastic.

Ely's worth saving.

Imagine our beautiful town NEVER getting the virus.  It's possible, if we all work hard.